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Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda is located to the south west of Rwanda bordering Burundi to the South and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West. This great montane forest is within the watershed between the River Nile basin to the east and River Congo basin to the west.  It actually forms one of the remote sources of River Nile. Established in the year 2004, Nyungwe Forest National Park stretches to cover a geographical spread of 970km2 comprising of well conserved rain forest, grassland, bamboo, bogs and swamps. The closest town to Nyungwe Forest National Park is Cyangungu which is 54km to the west of the park.  Mount Bigugu marks the highest point in the park rising to 2950m above sea level.

nyungwe forest national park
nyungwe forest national park
nyungwe forest national park
nyungwe forest national park
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Nyungwe Forest National Park features a great diversity of wildlife species that qualify it as conservation priority on the African continent. It is positioned at the convergence of various bio-geographical zones and the range of terrestrial biomes facilitates the survival of diverse plant and animal species.
A total of thirteen (13) primate species are recorded in Nyungwe Forest National Park, 1068 species of plants, 275 species of birds, 85 species of mammals, 32 species of amphibians and 38 species of reptiles. A range of these wildlife species are limited in range to the montane forests of the Albertine Rift.  Nyungwe is believed to be among the oldest forests on the African continent and is recorded to have survived the last ice age. This great diversity makes it one of the popular Rwanda Safari tour sites offering a range of adventure activities including Chimpanzee Trekking, Colobus monkey tracking, Canopy walk, Birding and breathtaking nature walks.
There are three categories of Accommodations/lodges/hotels where you can stay during your trip to Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda and these include;
One & Only Nyungwe is a five-star facility situated in a tea plantation close to the Nyungwe forest
Nyungwe Top View hotel was opened in 2011and it offers good accommodation. The hotel is only a five minutes-drive from Nyungwe National park and the facilities
Gisakura Guest House which is a budget guest house offering basic comfortable accommodation for budget travelers. It is located close to the Gisakura tea estate along the road that leads to Rusizi just about 2km from the park.