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Sport Fishing

Fishing Trips In Akagera National Park

For a traveler on a Rwanda vacation, Akagera National Park offers an opportunity to participate in fishing activities for the whole day. Fishing in Akagera  cost only  $25  if you have your own gears.

This activities is carried from the shores of Lake Shakani, one of the several lakes found in the park.  The hippos always remain in the water through the day and the banks of the shores are  gently sloping, thus you can see any crocodiles that is approaching before it consume you.

This means that there is nothing to worry about as you are fishing. Visitors can catch fish like tilapia, cat fish and others.

Fishing in Akagera National Park also offers the traveler on a Rwanda tour an opportunity to learn about the various methods of fishing that are used in Rwanda such as gill net method, cast net method, scoop net method, spearing and shoot arrow method, lampara, and hooking method.

While fishing, the visitors can enjoy a cold drink, listen to folk songs and tales or stories that are told by local fishermen.

Also, the good news about fishing in Akagera is that you get to keep what you fish and in case you feel like cooking it, you might start a fire and get it ready to be roasted at lunch time.

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Want to visit Akagera National Park, Rwanda's only savannah park for an awesome Rwanda safari experience?